Recycling FAQ

Question: I see that your website offers an OEM-compatible version of a replacement lamp. What exactly does that mean?

Answer: OEM lamps are the ORIGINAL lamps used by manufacturers of rear projection televisions or front projectors. OEM replacement lamps have the highest performance, lifetime and output. They are also a bit more costly.

OEM-compatible lamps are replacement TV lamps and projector lamps that are NOT manufactured by the original manufacturer. They are “third-party” or “generic” lamps. Like generic pharmaceutical prescriptions, these lamps can save you money.

Lamp Stop sells only the highest quality, pre-qualified, OEM-compatible lamps. They have been tested in our facilities to guarantee performance and quality befitting the Lamp Stop name. Lamp Stop offers both OEM and OEM-compatible lamps because we believe that our customers deserve the choice.

Question: I made a slide show that I think would look really cool if shown on the ceiling. Is it OK to mount my projector vertically?

Answer: Whether to project up at the ceiling or down at a floor, vertical mounting is notrecommended. It will reduce lamp lifetime in almost ALL projectors (multimedia projectors, video projectors, data projectors and digital projectors).

Question: I have a huge pile of projector lamps that I don’t use. What should I do with them? Can I just throw them out?

Answer: Old projector lamps contain mercury and should not simply be thrown away. Mercury is a toxic metal and must be properly disposed of or recycled. Federal and local governments require proper disposal of any item that contains mercury. For more information, visit our recycling info page

Question: I accidentally bought the wrong projector lamp for my data projector. What’s your return policy?

Answer:  If for some reason you are unsatisfied with your purchase, please e-mail us for a return merchandise authorization (RMA) number. Once you have received the RMA number, you can return your replacement lamp. Customer Service can help you find the correct lamp replacement for your specific multimedia projector, video projector, or rear projection television.

Question: Is there a warranty on any of your replacement lamps?

Answer: Yes. All rear projection TV lamps are covered by Lamp Stop’s 6-Month Warranty. Also, front projector lamps are covered by Lamp Stop’s 90-Day Warranty.